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Capitol Connections: Legislation pertaining to the Public Agenda

Senate Bill 1828 (amended), Steans (Smith)

Public Act 96-0107

Creates the P-20 Longitudinal Education Data System Act. Requires the State Board of Education, the Illinois Community College Board, and the Board of Higher Education to jointly establish and maintain a longitudinal data system by entering into one or more agreements that link early learning, elementary, and secondary school student unit records with institutions of higher learning student unit records.

Senate Bill 1883 (amended), Burzynski (Fortner)

Public Act 96-0535

Amends the Board of Higher Education Act. Provides that the Board of Higher Education shall implement the Collaborative Baccalaureate Degree Development Grant Program to help deliver upper division courses and bachelor's degree programs offered by bachelor's degree-granting colleges and universities at a location geographically convenient to students served by existing public community colleges.


House Bill 1079 (amended),
Eddy (Demuzio)

Public Act 96-0194

Creates the Dual Credit Quality Act. Requires the Illinois Community College Board and the Board of Higher Education to develop policies regarding eligibility for dual credit, codifies standards for evaluating dual credit programs, and delineates faculty credentials.

House Bill 4094, Hatcher (Maloney)

Public Act 96-0319

Requires the Board of Higher Education's master plan to include higher education affordability and accessibility measures.

House Joint Resolution 54, Soto (Maloney)

Adopted by both Houses

Resolves that the Board of Higher Education, working in concert with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission and the Illinois Community College Board, shall undertake a study of college affordability and funding.

House Joint Resolution 75 McCarthy (Maloney)

Adopted by both Houses

Resolves that the Board of Higher Education, working in concert with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission and the Illinois Community College Board, shall undertake a study with findings and recommendations to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the Monetary Award Program. Provides that the report prepared by the Illinois Board of Higher Education shall be submitted to the General Assembly no later than February 28, 2010.

House Resolution 50 (amended)  Miller

Resolution Adopted

Resolves that up to two years of postsecondary training for all Illinoisans be a state priority. 

Senate Bill 3222 (amended), Sandoval (Burke)

Public Act 96-1293

Standardizes practices at public universities for tuition increases for students whose studies extend beyond the four-year tuition guarantee. Students in their fifth and sixth year of studies would be charged the tuition rate of the class immediately behind them.

Senate Bill 3699 (amended), Bond (Smith)

Public Act 96-1299

Creates the Community College Transfer Grant Program Act to provide financial assistance to eligible students who have received an associate's degree at a public community college and who have financial need to attend public or private baccalaureate institutions.

Senate Joint Resolution  88, Maloney (Crespo)

Resolution Adopted

Directs the Board of Higher Education to establish a Higher Education Finance Study Commission. The study shall include a the history of higher education funding in Illinois; a comparison of productivity of Illinois’ higher education system with other states and a comparison of public institutions with their peers; an analysis of best practices for incentivizing certificate and degree completion; a review of financial aid policies and practices and their role in achieving enhanced degree completion; and consideration of alternative funding schemes for higher education.

House Bill 6092 (amended), McCarthy (Maloney)

Public Act 96-1249

Amends the P-20 Longitudinal Education Data System Act to 1) add nonprofit colleges and universities offering graduate and professional degrees to the reporting requirements of the act; 2) affirm that the State shall adequately support the development of a consortium of nonprofit institutions required to submit data and extend the July 1, 2012 deadline for nonpublic institution participation in a consortium up to 2 years, pending State appropriations to support the development of the consortium; and 3) prohibit data from the consortium of nonpublic colleges and universities from being included in any interstate data-sharing agreements without agreement of the consortium.

Senate Bill 3705 (amended), Maloney (Farnham)

Public Act 96-1300

Extends for 3 years and expands to 7 new community colleges  the College and Career Readiness Pilot Program administered by ICCB. The legislation also changes the criteria for selection of participating colleges, redefines ICCB responsibilities in developing an appropriate evaluation process to measure effectiveness of intervention strategies, and requires ICCB to submit a report to the General Assembly outlining findings and recommendations by December 31, 2013.

Senate Bill 226 (amended), Demuzio(Smith)

Public Act 96-0903

Amends the School Code to create a new principal endorsement and reform the process for recruiting, training, and certifying K-12 school leaders. The new principal endorsement emphasizes the unique preparation necessary to become an instructional leader of schools.  Colleges and universities are required, by July 1, 2014, to redesign principal preparation programs to strengthen recruitment of principal candidates, raise rigor and standards for training, and emphasize the role of the principal as the school instructional leader.

Senate Bill 2487 (amended), Martinez (Currie)

Public Act 96-1393

Transfers administration of the Grow Your Own Teacher Education Act from the Illinois State Board of Education to the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

House Bill 4984 (amended), Smith (Koehler)

Public Act 96-1442

Amends the Private Business and Vocational Schools Act to permit, from July 1, 2010, until June 30, 2012, private business and vocational schools to submit evidence of national accreditation for approval of new programs by the Illinois State Board of Education. If no action is taken by ISBE within 30 days, a certificate of approval must be issued.